Santa’s Toy Run @ Road Atlanta

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This is our 13th annual event to collect Toys for children who would otherwise go without for the holidays. We also host our season ending Southeast Championship Awards and give away $1,000’s of prizes, weekends, etc. You won’t want to miss it! You can find out all about the charities we help with our toys by visiting the Santa’s Toy Run Charity website.

2020 NASA-SE Season Awards

This year we are hosting the 2020 NASA-SE Season Awards in

The Tower at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

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1, 2, 3, 4

Time Trials

TT1, TT2, TT3, TT4, TT5, TT6, TTU


944Spec, AI, AIX, CMC, FFR, GTS1-5, GTSU, HC1-4, Legends, NP01, SpecE30, SpecE46, SpecIron, SpecMiata, Spec3, ST1-6, SU, TR, GTR

Paddock Map

Track Map

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Saturday Provisional Results

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Event FAQs


Anyone and everyone who attends the event must donate a new unwrapped toy worth $20 or more or $20 to get in the gate. The proceeds go to help underprivileged children enjoy the holidays when they normally would go without.

If you want to drive on Friday as well you can – Contact Just Track It!

Hours are Friday 5:30pm-7:30pm, and Saturday 6:30am-8am. Please be prepared to show your NASA current membership card and valid state drivers license at registration located in the Tech Pavilion. See paddock map for details.

Hours are Friday 5:30pm-7:30pm and Saturday 6:30am-8am at the Tech Pavilion, make sure you bring your completed Pre-Tech Form! Blank Pre-tech forms will be available for a $1 donation to charity.

Vendors will be open Saturday and Sunday 7am-2pm.

Saturday evening following the last track session of the day, NASA SE will host the NASA SE Championship Awards  in the Tower – ALL are welcome to attend.    Families and friends are also welcome to attend. We will be giving away ten(10) free 2021 NASA SE events and Discovery Parts will be giving away assorted deluxe prizes as well.

The Gate will be open Friday @ 5:30pm and close on Sunday @ 7pm. No one will be allowed to enter/exit during the closed gate times.

EVERYONE must bring a clean, unwrapped toy worth $20 (or more) as a gate “fee” to get in.  You can choose to give $20 cash as well.  These toys and proceeds will go to underprivileged and abused children who would otherwise not have a holiday gift.

HPDE 1,2,3,4 & HyperDrive

Once you get to the track…

Pull up to the gate, sign the waiver and put your gate wristband on. Proceed into the paddock, find a parking area using the suggested Paddock Parking Map and then drive your car to the Tech Area near Registration with your helmet and HPDE Tech form filled out by your personal mechanic.  Once you pass thru Tech inspection head over to the Registration area with your NASA membership card and driver’s license to pick up your HPDE Wristband and assorted event goodies.


Tech will be handing out grid decals for all drivers who are participating in HPDE sessions.  You’ll need to bring your helmet, your car and a completed HPDE tech form to Tech to get your grid decal.  The HPDE Tech Form is here:


HPDE Wristbands

You will report to registration in the Tech Pavilion.  See the paddock map for details.  You must show your state Driver’s license and your NASA membership card to get your wristband.

HPDE-1 will automatically be assigne instructors. You will get your wristband in the classroom at 7:45am Saturday morning.   Limited point-by passing is required on the straights.

HPDE-2 is solo driving – you can request an instructor at any time to help you. No passengers and limited point-by passing is required on the straights.  To qualify for this solo-session you must have approved prior to the event.

HPDE-3 is strickly solo driving. No passengers and point-by passing is required.  To qualify for this solo-session you must have approved prior to the event.

HPDE 4 sessions will be passing anywhere on track, point-by is preferred but not required.

HPDE-3 & HPDE 4 Combined Sessions
Saturday combined sessions are run by HPDE 3 rules, point-by passing only.  On Sunday the sessions are by HPDE 4 rules, passing does not require a point-by but it is highly recommended.  Also we have yellow “NASA 4’s” that you can place on the rear of your car to indicate that drivers do not need to wait for a point-by to pass you.Hyper-Drivers

Your classroom and on-track session is listed on the schedule, make sure you attend the classroom or you will not be allowed to drive! Show up to grid 10 mins early to meet your instructor and bring your helmet!Passengers


ALL HPDE and HyperDrive sessions will have classroom sessions/meetings -see schedule for times. The classroom is located in the building near the Gas Station.  You must attend classroom sessions to receive your track passes for the track sessions.

INSTRUCTORS MUST attend mandatory meetings SATURDAY MORNING. See schedule for MEETING times, the location is at Laura’s Trailer in the paddock.