How to Register to Drive/Race/Work

a NASA-SE Event

  • Go to the NASA-SE Schedule web page
  • Choose the event you wish to register for
  • Scroll down the Event Webpage - it has ALL of the details about the event and changes weekly with updates
  • Click on the "Event Registration" image/link
  • Put a "check" in the "BOX" beside the your choice - Racing, HPDE, Officials, etc.
  • Pick your Class/Series from the drop down list in the "Your Class" column
    ..if your class is not listed please contact registration
  • If you need to rent an AMB transponder put a "check" in the BOX next to Rental Transponders
  • Click the Register Button at the bottom

At this point the webpages will change based on your preferences and/or allow you to add preferences and cars for those that have more than one. When you are finished it will show you a final page and send you an email with the exact same information. If you do not receive the email within 24 hrs please follow up an contact us to make sure you are registered*.

If you have NEVER raced with NASA before, but have a current race license with another organization, please contact registration to see what paperwork is necessary for you to race with us. In many cases it is just a matter of filling out the proper paperwork and sending it in with the license fees.

We have an excellent Work For Credit program where you can volunteer to work at our events and earn credits towards driving in our events for free. We also pay qualified corner workers to work for us at various tracks, it is a great way to earn some extra money!

*All NASA-SE Event Webpages will have a section that states "Drivers Check Your Info" - you can check that to see if you are on it. Check the date at the bottom of the info page to see if was after you registered - the info page is only updated every few days.