Race and Track time

All NASA events (Hyperfests included) are "double" race weekends so all race groups will have the following on each day of the event (Saturday AND Sunday):

Warmup/Practice Saturday (up to 35 min)
Qualifying Sat & Sun(15 min)
Race Sat & Sun(25-45 min.)
Note: Times are approximate

Points, Prizes and Awards Ceremony

Points will be awarded for both days of races.
Trophies and prizes (if applicable) will be awarded based upon the winners of Saturday's races and be based upon official results. Photos with the NASA Trophy Presenters occur ONLY on Saturday at the Discovery Parts / MTI / Kater Time / Wild Horses Racing Awards Party (Beverages and Food supplied). You may charge whatever you can get for autographs.

Racer Requirements


All Racers MUST hold a current competition license from NASA, SCCA, FIA, BMWCCA, PCA, PBOC (INEX Drivers may hold an INEX license). This license will need to be presented upon request and will be used as proof of experience to obtain a NASA competition license
All Racers MUST be members of the National Auto Sport Association (See "How to Register" at bottom of this page)

Car Requirements

All cars must be legal according to NASA Club Codes and Regulations, you can get your vehicle inspected at any of the approved NASA-SE Tech Stations.
All cars must be legal according to the rules of their respective series. The NASA CCR and other series rules can be found under RULES

Important notes

Registrations accepted at the track will be subject to a $50 late registration fee. Any non pre-registered racer arriving after regsitration hours on the day of the event may be subject to a gate fee.

It is VERY STRONGLY recommended that all racers arrive at the track before 6:30am on the day of the event. There is a MANDATORY All Hands Meeting that each driver must attend at the beginning of each event.

How to Register