NASA-SE Events

Brady Memorial
Carolina (CMP)
November 5-6-7

Santa’s Toy Run
Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

December 4-5

Past events

Winter Carnival
Roebling Road
January 15-16-17
Winter Meltdown
Carolina (CMP)
February 12-13-14

Race For the Pi
Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
March 6-7

Spring Brake
Roebling Road
April 9-10-11
Sinko De Mayo
Carolina (CMP)
May 1-2

Daytona w/NASA-FL
May 29-30

Daytona w/NASA-FL
May 29-30

Turn7Gurl Flatten the Curve
Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
June 12-13
Firecracker Run
Roebling Road
July 9-10-11
4 Hr TREC Race
Savannah Sizzler
Roebling Road
September 24-25-26
4 Hr TREC Race
Rockingham Speedway
October 16-17


Detailed Event Schedules

Please note that we need to see registration trends before the exact schedule can be put together as there are many dependencies and the size of each group needs to be determined/estimated before a draft schedule can be posted.  In general, here is what drivers can expect:

  • A draft schedule is typically posted on the event webpage about 1 week before the event and adjusted real time when necessary as additional entries come in
  • All drivers need to get their on-track decals in Tech Sat morning @ 7:00AM (for most events)
  • First group of cars will be on track by 7:50-8:00AM
  • HPDE drivers will get four 20 minute sessions per day
  • Time Trial competitors will typically get four competition sessions per day.
  • All pre-registered drivers will receive an email with a subject line “[NASA-SE] <event name> Registration Confirmation” on Sunday night  the week before a Sat/Sun weekend event and that email will include links with everything you need to know about the event.
  • HPDE1 drivers should receive an additional welcome letter with additional first timer info on either Monday or Tuesday (3-4 days before) the event.  HPDE1 will also have three classroom sessions on Saturday with the first session starting immediately after the morning drivers meeting.   NOTE:  There is typically no option to do HPDE1 on Sunday only.

Additional Track Information

Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP):

Paddock Map |  Track Map |  Additional Track Info | Fastest Way Around the Track

Road Atlanta (RA) :

Paddock Map  |  Track Map  |  Additional Track Info  | Fastest Way Around the Track

Roebling Road Raceway (RRR):

Paddock Map  |  Track Map  | Additional Track Info  | Fastest Way Around the Track