Bring a Friend

We are proud to bring back an old favorite promotion from when we started NASA-SE in 2004. We know that our events are so much fun and anyone that tries our events will be back. So we started the Bring-A-Friend promotion to get the word out. It was a huge success back then and with everything going “retro” now we felt the need to bring it back.

Here’s how it works

  1. Have a friend send an email to asking for the “Bring-A-Friend” promotion code worth $75 off of their 1st event!
  2. Once they register for an event have them send us your name & NASA membership #
  3. We will send you a promotion code for the same amount!

It’s that easy! Of course there are some limitations:

  • Sadly, due to the limitations of our promotion code system we cannot back date or give out the promotion codes to anyone who has already registered or purchased a membership.
  • Your friend must be new to NASA and never registered for an event or had a NASA membership before, and they must contact BEFORE they do anything for the proper promotion code.
  • This promotion is only good for NASA-SE Events

So tell all of your friends and get healthy discounts on future NASA events! Looking forward to seeing many of you at the track enjoying old friends and making new ones.