Poker Challenge

You can win free stuff! At every NASA-SE event after March 1st, 2019 we will give everyone who reports to Registration a playing card to play Poker.  At the year end Santa’s Toy Run banquet we will hand out prizes based on the best Poker hands.

Make sure you stop by registration at your next NASA-SE event and pick up a playing card so you can enjoy the fun and win great NASA-SE prizes.  Bring your best hand to the Santa’s Toy Run and turn it in to Driver Info by noon on December 7th, 2019 and we will review all hands to pick the best for big prizes!



Every event’s cards will be marked specifically for that event.  Hands turned in at the end of the year must contain cards from 5 different events. Bring your best hand to the Santa’s Toy Run in an envelope with your name and membership # written on the outside. Turn in your envelope at Registration Saturday morning on December 7th.