Tech Inspection

High Performance Driving Education (HPDE)

High performance driving can put new stresses on a street automobile. You want your car inspected by a professional that can thoroughly check your vehicles sub-systems and make sure your weekend is nothing but fun!
Any qualified mechanic can complete the HPDE Technical Inspection Form and have them sign it.

Sign the completed HPDE Technical Inspection Form and bring it with your car to the Event Tech pavillion to pick up a grid decal for the event.

Racers and Time Trials

Annual Inspections allow racers and time trialers to get their vehicle inspected once a year to save themselves time at each event. It is a simple process that is easily accomplished by any of our approved NASA-SE Tech stations.
It is a very simple and painless process! Here is a recipe for success:

1) Print out the Annual Technical Inspection Form
2) Fill out the information at the top about you and your car and sign it at the very bottom.
3) Take your car, safety gear, logbook and the completed Annual Technical Inspection Form to one of the approved NASA-SE Tech stations.
4) Have them perform an annual inspection on your car and gear
5) Have them fill out the middle of your Annual Technical Inspection Form and sign it with their SFI#
6) Have the Inspector sign your Logbook and write their SFI # in it.
7) Collect all of the paperwork (Annual Inspection form and your signed logbook) and bring it all with you to your first NASA-SE event of the calendar year.
8) Turn in your paperwork at the Event Tech area and we’ll give you a FREE Annual Tech Decal.


HPDE Technical Inspection Form     Annual Technical Inspection Form